Hello guys.

"A friend allow you distance, but is never far away"

This post going to be a bit sendu so here we go.

sendu = sedih + rindu

Well today, i think that i can conclude that true friendship is not about being inseperable, it's being separated and nothing changes. It's not about the distance , it's about the tenacity. 

The story goes like this,

I ace my semester 1 and 2 and had the privilege to pursue my degree in Johor,  fast track depa kata. So i was like hey why don't i give it a shot, it's not like i am the only one yang dapat.

And guess what?

i didn't give it a shot.

I don't know what i was thinking back then , it was like i should go but at the same time , nahhh . So i stayed.

But my best friends both pi sambung, kurang hajo.

"Distance means so little when someone means so much"

What i was trying to tell here is it doesn't matter lah if your friends so far away ke apa but if they means so much to you, please atleast spare some of your times once a week tanya khabar ke apa.

Yes, friendship is sooo BIG mayn i can't even describe with words...


So like today i held some makan makan with them because it's been a while and since imran pun staying kl for few days. Why not.

"So much to tell, i can write a novel"

Feels so good you can gather up your friends, spend some time, bonding. Foods literally caught us. You know what, i am going to snap pictures everyday from now on , keep it here. 

Your circle of friends should be well rounded with people who really inspire and motivates you, keep it tight guys because quality is always better than quantity. 

Thank you.

Good food. Good friends. Good company.



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