Hi guys, it's been a while, 2 years since my last post how amazing is that.


So, what's new ?

I end my diploma with internship. It's kinda exhausted ya know dealing with people. It's like you get these responsibilities from people who you barely know and thinking "oh well, im gonna ace this" 

eventually, you are fucked up.

But it's okay lah kan i already finished my diploma and legitly awarded with dean's list. Yay me !.

So if any spm leavers who read this post, i tell ya that if you think your SPM result is bad or not good enough, there is always a second chance so use it wisely.

Sometimes you just need 'something' to boost your confidence, to boost your semangat to study you know. Takkan sampai mati nak jadi bodoh ye tak? 

So use your second chance wisely ok? Do what you want. Do what you like. Do what you enjoy. Please , please, please follow your heart and your interest for your future. 

So how's my post-diploma life? 

Job,coz swag won't pay the bills . Degree fees, omg 2013 all over again. Currently editing some pamphlets. Trying hard to lose some fat before graduation please pray for me.

Have you ever wonder how your life's gonna be in like 5 to 10 years? Maybe you own a company, maybe you are busy preparing for your wedding, maybe you are currently unemployed or travelling livin your life? 

Wow, so much thoughts there.

What i am trying to say here is go, live your life, be happy and work your ass off because hardwork pays. Well, some of my friends won't pursuing their degree because they already had their plans for their future and I personally think that it is great that you have your own motivation to live your life. 

But the main point is just not caring on what they think of you and shake up the drama a bit like you know bak kata king coco 


Yes, people going to hurt you, but didn't you ever realize that, you are only getting hurt by someone that already have a place in your heart, the more it occupies the more it hurts. The more important the person , the more it hurts. Am i right?

Sometimes, balance is needed, try to be real on what you are going through. Do not fake it. Talk. It solves problems. 

Overthinking kills, but sometimes it gives you heads up so you can expect what to be expected just like when sometimes you lie in your bed hoping to sleep before you fall apart because people who hides their feeling usually cares the most. 

Be genuine with your friendship. Go treat them foods and stuffs, have fun but do not ever let them hurt you. 

Because friendship, don't.

I simply like treating my friends like belanja makan ke apa, because with it i think,  i can show them how important they are in my life. 

Think logically, do you even wanna waste your money to someone you don't even like? 

I don't think so.

So please be genuine with your friendship

"A good friend knows all your stories"
"A best friend has lived them with you"

I am gonna post something real soon.

Thank you for reading.




  1. sendu nyerps! ack bagusnya writing skill, sedap je baca.