INFLUENCE ASIA 2017 Pt 1 - Red Carpet

Hello guys, i am so shook right now.

Jessica Jung met me and we like had a 5 seconds eye contact omg guys i can not. 

So here we go.

So, a friend of mine who's actually a great writer, photographer and happens to be the editor of his own website, that is a creative imagery website telling everyday people's stories in a fashionable way, andean sam.

Please, please , please checkout his art. 

So he invited me to join him as his writer to the event cos he is so lit, he got media invite to the event, bukan ticket tapi official invitation to the event oh my god. How cool is that?

Invitition  is from andeansam

To have this privileged and i can meet Jessica, I am really honored to work with andeansam.

"Weh, aku rasa nanti kita je yang potato dekat sana"

Seriously , that's the first thing that appeared in my mind, what if i am the only one using my 5s, and others like bring their DSLR. Scary af.

"You need to get out from your comfort zone"

and he replied that.

Yes, it's scary when you are having some insecurities and you afraid to show to others. Yelah takut jadi loser lah apa lah. But you need to get out from your comfort zone, be yourself, dgaf what people say and be confident.

"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced"

You know what guys, the purpose of life is to live it, enjoy, taste the experience to the utmost , reach out without fear and to create something to be remembered.

So back to the event that takes place at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and this event will be attended by influencers all over Asia.

Ok guys so we prepared a little bit like what questions should we asked those nominees and that's it.

Tak prepare mana pun asal dapat jumpa Jessica pun dah ok.

So during the hari kejadian which on 8/4/2017, we woke up a little bit early because the event for media starts at 1.00 p.m and we don't want to rush so we grab from my home at 10.30 a.m and sampai around 11.00 a.m .

How early is that lels.

You know what there's like no banner that promotes Influence Asia dekat KLCC tu jenuh lah mencari and we don't have any idea wheres is the plenary hall. 

mujur sampai awal.

They were setting up the registration booth when we showed up. They asked us to have our lunch because the event's going to be long as hell.

We had our lunch at Sushi King, after that we registered and got ourselves the media pass! I am so teruja as hell.

Media Pass for Influence Asia 2017

Then they ushered us to a private hall where the red carpet been held. The press event started at 1.30 p.m and they will be interviewing all those nominees and those who performs.

I only knew like 30% of the nominees most of them from Malaysia of course.

I suggest you guys go and check andeansam blog for more photos after this! He will be updating with photos later. i will keep updating.

My DSLR is not available for the day. I need to find a new DSLR for myself.

Let the pictures talk can ah? 

i use my iphone 5s so the quality is bad sorry.

i was shaking as hell mayn  because i am the only one that asked them for a selfie and i ruined it but who cares! You guys probably know who. Hiks.

i legitly mad at myself right now sebab tak bawak my DSLR. Ni sebab dia.


My hand was shivering you know seeing those influencers i mean like from youtube to reality. That is way beyond control.

but, the main spotlight of the event is... 

you know it.


OMG guys seriously i cannot believe that Jessica will be like 30 meter away from me !

Let me shower you guys with her gorgeousness.

 Jessica is legitly looking at me. The one that is being totally barbaric screaming her name.
Yeah that's me.

They interviewed Jessica about 5 minutes, after that the red carpet still continues but we make ourselves out because our job is done!.

Then we  berlegar-legar and i was hoping that i can find my youtubers crush, cupcake aisyah wew.

and guess what...

Yes. Potato. Yes.

Her mom funny as hell 

JO ☑

It was fun and exciting meeting your idol and those youtubers that literally the reasons you smile throughout the day.

The press sessions ends around 3.00 p.m and then we had been ushered to the plenary hall for the main event!

i will covering the main event on my next post.

Till then.



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